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Rich Snippets Guide – Infographic

Rich Snippets Guide – for the average searcher, these rich snippets help show them what they’re searching for is within reach on a particular site.

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Web design for starting an Online Business

Web Design is the key for starting your Online Business, it was true. Knowing the purpose of the site, planning, start designing, etc.

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Image Formats and Their Proper Use

There are over 44 different image formats in existence. With so many available, it can be very confusing and difficult to know which one is best.

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Handy Photography Cheat Sheets

There are incredible photography cheat sheets for not just learning and master photographers as well.

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Ideal Fonts for Web

The most suitable and ideal fonts for web that render on all browsers, OS and devices beautifully.

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Android Apps for Web Designers

Android Apps for Web Designers. We can work easily with HTML, PHP, CSS and TXT documents in our phone with the help of this nice softwares.

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Coming Soon Web Page Examples

Coming Soon web page is a lot more helpful. You can place all your social media links, latest news and many such things which help the visitors.

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Giveaway: Everyone Shall Win! Retro Business Card Templates

Last week we published Designing a Classy Retro Business Card. That was a tutorial to design the second business card of this giveaway. As I announced in that post that we’ll be publishing a giveaway soon, it is today that we deliver our promise. This is the second of “Everyone Shall Win!” giveaway series. In this type […]

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Wallpaper by Fabian de Lange

The wallpaper of this week is an awesome image created by Fabian de Lange, an free-lance Dutch typographer, designer and art director, currently residing and working in Heerlen, The Netherlands with work experience in different creative fields of design and collaborating with clients from various industries. Fabian is open to freelance and collaborative opportunities. For […]

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